The Sawol: Discovery

‘Humanity has proved itself capable of creation almost beyond imagination…but its greatest single talent is that of self destruction. Let this failure be encouraged.’

As science and complacency usurp man’s withering faith in God, our claim to be true inheritors of the Earth is threatened. The Sawol: Discovery follows a murderous campaign to prevent the emergence of science with the potential to extend life by predicting disease and illness before it occurs. As billionaire philanthropist Jacob Bernstein and biotechnology expert Dr Alice Sebastian edge closer to a breakthrough they uncover the existence of intelligence more ancient than our own and a plot to hasten global genocide. The weapon of choice adopted by our fanatical antagonists is humanity’s most potent enemy – ourselves.

Well that’s the blurby thing written…sounds exciting! Just the small matter of another 40,000 words or so, two or three rewrites, getting an agent, finding a publisher, then editing. What do you all think? Summer? (!) (Didn’t say which year, obviously)



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